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The move towards participative tourism is a pan-European project that considers diversity in touristic experiences a real added value for the industry.

Ten Local Action Groups (LAG) from six EU countries are part of this Slow Trips project. Following partner regions currently offer bookable Slow Trips Experiences:

  1. Austria, lead partner: Eastern Styria (ARGE CultTrips & Slow Travel, LAG Zeitkultur Oststeirisches Kernland)
  2. Austria, project partner: Danube Upper Austria (Region u.we, LAG Urfahr West)
  3. Luxembourg, project partner: Guttland (Atert-Wark et al., LAG Atert-Wark, LAG Lëtzebuerg West)
  4. Italy, project partner: Valle Umbra e Sibillini (Province Perugia, LAG Valle Umbra e Sibillini)
  5. Italy, project partner: Southeastern Basilicata (Region Basilicata, LAG La Cittadella del Sapere)
  6. Germany, project partner: Seenland Oder-Spree (Brandenburg, LAG Märkische Seen)
  7. Sweden, project partner: Nedre Dalälven (Gästrikland, LAG Nedre Dalälven)
  8. Lithuania, project partner: Alytus Region (Alytus District, LAG Alytaus rajono)
  9. Italy, project partner: Southwestern Basilicata (Basilicata, LAG Start 2020)

Further information on the individual regions can also be found on the local websites:


Eastern Styria

Danube Upper Austria


Seenland Oder-Spree


Valle Umbra e Sibillini

Southeastern Basilicata

Southwestern Basilicata




Nedre Dalälven


Alytus Region