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Join a clan of mammoth hunters

Join a clan of mammoth hunters for an interesting insight into stone age hunting technique. Gerhard Wiesler, professional bowyer and expert spearthrower, will be your guide for this exciting day. You will experience a forgotten hunting technique of your ancestors 10.000 B.C.

  • Build your own atlatl – an ancient hunting weapon you can take home with you
  • Join a (simulated) hunt as your rite of passage
  • Enjoy stone age cuisine – hopefully the hunt is successful
  • We build our own fire using the firedrill
Clan of Wolves from € 245,-

Important infos

Adults only, you should be reasonably fit and healthy for the full experience. Consider the season you are booking for.

Wear sensible clothing you are comfortable with in my workshop and outdoors.

What exactly is included in the service?

  • Building of an atlatl set - spearthrower with two spears
  • Training with the atlatl
  • Learn to make fire with the bow drill
  • One warm authentic meal per day and seasonal snacks: e.g. berries, insects, jerky, greens
  • 3D Parcours with the atlatl

The event takes place solely on the property of the Wiesler family in Puch bei Weiz. It starts at nine o'clock and ends at 6 p.m

Bogenbau Gerhard Wiesler
gerhard (at) meinbogen. at
+43 660 8188610


  • for adults, single ticket € 265,-
  • group tickets 3-4 € 255,- per person
  • group tickets 5-6 € 245,- per person

Clan of Wolves from € 245,-


In this event you will experience life as a stone age hunter in 10.000 B.C., at least a small glimpse of it. The heart of the experience is building your own Atlatl-set. The weapon of choice for big game hunting in the ancient past, the now forgotten spearthrower was used throughout the world in many ancient societies. After making your set you will be instructed how to throw effectively and then you  train for the simulated hunt. Cooking was a big part of living then and is still now. In order to cook we need to make fire first, not an easy task with ancient techniques.

We will slip in and out of the stone age experience. For example we will use metal handtools for atlatl making, working efficiently with stone tools requires an expertise you simply cannot acquire in one day. Nevertheless, after this day you will appreciate the skillset of your ancestors more and will have learned new skills.

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