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The supposedly stubborn donkey is the ideal companion for excursions in the surrounding area. Learning from a donkey means finding serenity and enjoying the little one in front of you. The two geldings, Juli & August, enjoy walking with donkey-loving people, carrying luggage and picnic baskets. A human companion also comes along. 

What's special?

  • Relaxation
  • Slowing down
  • Contact with (patient) animals
  • Discovering nature
  • Can replace the therapist ;)


Donkeys have a mind of their own. But once you have made friends with these good-natured animals, they will go through thick and thin with their companions. On the donkey hike, there is enough time to explore the flora and fauna along the way at a leisurely pace. As the ideal companion, the donkey gives people the opportunity to leave all stress and stress behind them and to find peace and relaxation. It also carries your luggage and picnic basket, is a friend and sometimes a protector from barking dogs, looks forward to walking, but also to every little break to pluck stalks.

Learning from a donkey means finding serenity and enjoying the little one under your nose. And for children, he is a patient and long-suffering buddy who likes to be hugged, cuddled and have flowers put behind his ears or between his tender lips. Children up to 30 kg are also welcome to ride August for a while. And yes, donkeys also have their stubborn moments, but with friendly affection they go through thick and thin with you.

The two geldings July & August like to go on excursions with people interested in donkeys, e.g. to the Katzensee (approx. 2 hours + picnic time), the Bazlower Fließ with historic fish ponds in a wonderful landscape (approx. 4-5 hours +) or to the beautiful Stöbbertal (approx. 6-8 hours +). A human guide is also provided to ensure a smooth tour.

In the warmer months, the kitchen crew at Reichenow Castle will also be happy to pack a delicious picnic basket for you, which the donkeys will then carry for you. Put on your halter and sun hat and off you go.

About the person

Oliver Standke has lived in the region for 12 years. He is an artist and donkey lover and the human companion on the donkey hike. 

About the region

Reichenow is located in a landscape rich in lakes on the edge of Märkische Schweiz. The beautiful Stöbbertal valley is also easy to reach on foot with the donkeys.

More information


two donkeys plus escort
optional: picnic from Reichenow Castle in the warm months


30 € per hour for two donkeys plus escort, regardless of the number of people.
Picnic from Reichenow Castle extra (15 € p.p.)


2 - 8 persons


German and English

Important information

Please note: Wearing sturdy shoes is recommended. 

Cancellation policy: It can be canceled free of charge up to one day before, also depending on the weather.


Oliver Standke
Donkey stable in Reichenow
Neue Dorfstrasse 27
15345 Reichenow
Telefon: 0170 / 53 161 85

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