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Basilicata lies in the heart of the Mediterranean and is often called the “instep of Italy”. The land is rich in fruit, wheat, pastures and golden sandy beaches. Its villages are nestled gently in the hills.

Land of light

In Basilicata, called Lucania („land of light”) in ancient times, various cultural influences have left their indelible mark throughout the millennia. Customs, traditions, dialects and flavours vary from village to village and offer much to be explored.

Southeastern Basilicata has a long history to look back on, and the castles in the region have seen many battles and conquests. Discover the temples of Magna Graecia or learn more about the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, who taught in these lands. Or, for some more recent history, check out the locations that have featured prominently in many famous films.

Then, of course, there’s nature to enjoy, such as the Ionian Sea and its golden beaches or the valleys crossed by rivers and streams that make the farmland in this territory so fertile.

In Basilicata, the old tradition of transhumance, a type of nomadic herding, is still alive. To this day, the shepherds move their herds of cattle between summer and winter pastures, just like their ancestors did, living the same experiences along the same paths.

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Everyday culture in Southeastern Basilicata

Traces of the region’s long-standing history have survived in Southeastern Basilicata until the present day: in the language; in the kitchens and everyday life; in relationships, rituals and celebrations. Skilled hands transform nature’s offerings into delicious foods. In the alleys, children play freely, and the doors are always open. Locals are quick with a smile, a greeting or a heaping plate. And in the evenings, the lights of the village festivals illuminate the streets, which are filled with voices and activity.

Two literary parks

Two literary parks are dedicated to the poets Albino Pierro and Isabella Morra.

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Two literary parks

Tursi, the birthplace of Albino Pierro, has dedicated a literary park to the Lucanian dialect poet once nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature. In nearby Valsinni, another literary park pays homage to the life of Isabella Morra, who was among the first female Italian poets in the 16th century.

Morra was unknown during her lifetime, as her brothers forced her to live in isolation (and eventually murdered her for a suspected affair with a neighbour) but left an impressive oeuvre behind. The two parks offer unique opportunities to explore and experience these poets’ lives.

The land of movies

Visconti, Pasolini, Taviani, Rosi and Mel Gibson have used these landscapes for their films.

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The land of movies

Basilicata is a land of movies, as famous filmmakers such as Visconti, Pasolini, Taviani, Rosi and Mel Gibson have used its landscapes in their films. Pasolini filmed “The Gospel According to Matthew” here. And today you could easily come across Francis Ford Coppola, Nicolas Cage or Sophia Coppola in the villages of Southeastern Basilicata.

The southern part of Italy

Long and golden beaches on the Ionian Sea.

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The southern part of Italy

Basilicata is a very authentic region, rich in culture and with a real rural area. The destination is close to the Ionian coast with its long, golden beaches and charming villages. It’s easy to get lost in the infinite landscape.

Take your time and slowly experience the land and its rhythm. Let yourself get carried away by the rhythm of the seasons, the sound of the sea and the wind that caresses the hills and valleys.

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