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Cultural purists often belong to the category of travellers that love going on short breaks, just to get away from it all for a few days.
Typical statements:

“Travelling is about taking time out right on my doorstep.”
“I prefer to take several short trips instead of one long journey.”
“Day trips are like a short vacation for me.” 

Cultural purists often prefer short trips, such as day trips or weekend getaways. Just small escapes from everyday life. Active excursions into nature are just as popular as shopping trips or sightseeing trips off the beaten track. What cultural purists love is to find an authentic grocery shop with slow food, a local brewery or a typical inn with local, high-quality food.
They often take their trips not too far from home. Exclusivity and distance of the destination are far less important than the depth of the experience. Not big on surprises, cultural purists really love to plan their cultural exchange programme in advance.