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The sun has reached its highest point in the annual cycle. Shortly after the longest day of the year and during the shortest night, the participants want to draw on the fullness of nature and celebrate St. John's Day.

In the insect paradise garden at Storkow Castle, the herbs and flowers present themselves in all their splendor and abundance. When it is dry, the summer solstice is the perfect time to gather herbs. One of these traditional solstice herbs is St. John's wort.

Old traditions are combined with the desire for community, socializing and the intense scent of summer.

What's special?

  • Getting to know, tasting and processing wild summer plants
  • Making red oil from St. John's wort
  • Make your own incense bundles
  • Weave wreaths and decorate yourself in midsummer style
  • Prepare and enjoy goutweed lemonade, cream cheese herb balls and wild pesto together


Participants get to know, taste and process the wild plants of summer. During the meadow discoveries, they devote themselves to the flowering beauties.

Red oil is made from St. John's wort. People recognized very early on that the full power of the sun and summer lives in St. John's wort. It blooms in the middle of the year. This is when it unfolds its countless golden yellow flowers, which look like little suns with their many stamens and anthers.

Incense bundles are tied at the summer solstice and many fragrant plants such as lavender or goldenrod are woven into them. Alternatively, wreaths can be woven and you can decorate yourself for the midsummer festival.

A small meadow buffet invites you to celebrate. Prepared together, goutweed lemonade, cream cheese herb balls and wild pesto taste best.

Who is behind the offer?

Ulrike Schünke is a trained wilderness and plant educator. She loves to share her passion for the green dress of the earth with other people. She is looking forward to celebrating a beautiful, colorful midsummer festival with you!

About the region

Opposite Storkow Castle is the "Insect Paradise Garden", which was created as part of the VERN project. The small show garden has now developed into a colorful wildflower meadow. In recent years, an insect hotel with a perennial bed, keyhole, hill and no-dig beds, a potato pyramid and a willow pavilion have been created here. In 2022, a bee wagon and a barefoot path enriched the grounds. The garden is also used to grow special types of vegetables.

More information


Saturday, 24.06.2023 from 4 - 8 pm


70,- € plus material costs and consumption (10,- €)


There are 12 places available.



Important information

Please note when booking the offer: A deposit of €30 is required for a binding registration.



Burg Storkow
Schlossstraße 6
15859 Storkow (Mark)

Contact details:

Ulrike Schünke
0171 - 5162811
ulrike.schuenke (at) gmail. com

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