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Regional delicacies in Guttland

“Fir Iessen an Gedrénks ass gesuergt” (which roughly translates to “there will be plenty of food and drink”) is probably the one sentence you will find on every description of local festivities. It perfectly reflects the Luxembourgish mentality when it comes to food. Luxembourgish people love to eat and no matter where you go, you can be assured that there will be plenty to eat.

The Luxembourgish cuisine is formed by its multicultural society and is said to combine French finesse and German abundance. Recently, it has also been influenced by the country’s immigrants from Italy and Portugal. While many traditional dishes include meat, vegetarian options can now be found in every restaurant.

The name of the region, Guttland, literally means “good land” and refers to the fertile soil of the region. Great local produce can be bought at one of the many local markets or in a “Duerfbuttik”, the small village shops which are having a bit of a revival in recent years.

Locals love to come together for traditional village festivities and markets to enjoy regional products. Generally, we never miss out on “having a little chit chat while drinking a cup of coffee” ( “fir bei enger Taass Kaffi ë bëssi ze schnëssen”) which, of course, is accompanied by a piece of cake or traditional pastries.

The Guttlanders are connoisseurs, enjoying the local distilleries, high-quality chocolatiers and restaurants. Experience the Guttland people and culture — a journey through the extraordinary.

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