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SALT JAZZ For family (Lithuania, salt ceramics workshop)

A fun workshop at Tauras Česnulevičius’ “Salt Art Studio”. Check out the artist’s amazing salt sculptures and then get creative as you knead, form, sculpt and oven-dry your own “salties”. “Druska” means “salt” in Lithuanian so, don’t worry, there’s more than enough salt available in Druskininkai.

  • Steam local mineral water, extract the salt and find out what you can do with salt in the kitchen.
  • Learn about salt and how to work with it as you create your own “salt ceramics” souvenirs.
  • No salt is wasted in the creative process. What’s left is reused while preparing the moulding compound for making salty souvenirs or used in the sauna. And, eventually, the remaining salt is used to sprinkle on trails in the winter.
  • We keep to the old salt-making traditions and allow everybody to find their creativity when making their salty souvenirs.
Salt Jazz for family from € 250,-

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Salt is everywhere in Druskininkai. The origin of the city’s name is related to the Lithuanian word for salt: “druska”. And “druskininkas” means “saltman”, referring to a person engaged in salt extraction from mineral water.

Druskininkai has always been a popular destination thanks to its health-promoting climate, mineral water and curative mud. But it’s not just a place for improving your health; it’s great for your mind as well, as there’s much to do and learn around here.

While staying in Druskininkai, you can get acquainted with the life and works of the famous Lithuanian artist and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis or the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz. Admire the nature of Raigardas valley, stroll along the streets of the 19th-century ethnographic village Švendubrė or pick berries, herbs and mushrooms in the picturesque pine woods of Dzūkija region.

We are a family of artists and have lived on the River Ratnyčia for over 30 years. Our whole life is an ever-expanding creative process, and we invite you to join us in it. All year round we welcome people for educational afternoons, where you can learn to knead, form, sculpt and oven-dry your own “salties”, as we call them. The most important thing for us is to see your eyes blazing with curiosity and discovery.

The table salt (sodium chloride), which is used in the creative process, is microbiologically safe and one of the most reliable disinfectants as well. The process of creativity and production is environmentally sustainable. The salt left after the creative process is reused to prepare the moulding compound or used in the sauna as a skin peeling. Eventually, the remaining salt is given to schools and kindergartens to sprinkle on trails in the winter.

We have 10 years of experience working with people with visual, mental and physical disabilities. The exhibition of the salt sculptures is, first and foremost, a tactile experience — unlike most art, it’s totally okay to touch it with your hands.

„Salt ceramics“ have been popular here since the 19th century. In South Dzūkija, oven-dried salt objects were used as cheap and durable Christmas tree decorations. We keep to these ceramics traditions and allow everybody to explore the creative process of making their own salty souvenirs from a salty land.

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Salt Jazz for family from € 250,-

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  • Salt extraction: Observe how salt was steamed and table salt was gathered in ancient times using an outdoor fireplace.
  • Salty Lesson: At the Salt Art Studio, you’ll get a chance to create your own salty souvenirs.
  • Herbal tea ceremony on the Ratnyčia River Bridge: You will be able to collect herbs near the river.
  • Fried apple for dessert

The following experiences are available for an additional fee:

  • “Fish in Salt” meal: Help cook this homestead speciality and enjoy the finished dish.

Number of participants:

  • 2 adults and 2 children up to 14 years

Important information:

  • Preferably no pets
  • Alcohol consumption only in moderation
  • People who are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) will not be allowed on the homestead.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Polish


Salt Art Studio (Druskos studija)
Smiltynų g. 9, Druskininkai, Lietuva

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