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When you take a break with horses, you not only meet the currently 9-strong free herd of horses, but above all you also meet yourself. In contact with these wonderful animals you can come into your own. The horses show you who you really are. With the wild nature in and around you, you feel a feeling of absolute freedom. Mindfulness exercises, exchanges in the group and cooking together over the fire make horse time a very special experience. Surrounded by beautiful nature, women are invited to relax and feel themselves.

What's special?

  • Encounter with a herd of horses
  • Relaxation and deceleration
  • Beautiful nature experience
  • Get out of everyday life, feel yourself
  • Experience limits and grow beyond them


Your multi-day break with horses begins in a relaxed manner by setting up your camp on site and getting to know the other participants during an introduction session. And then comes the first contact with the horse herd. It’s primarily about perceiving and feeling. You get to know the animals, observe how they move and how they react. You then discuss this first contact with the others in the group. What did you feel, what did you notice and perhaps become aware of?

Now it becomes active. Together with the others, you go riding for the first time or go for a walk with the horses. You experience the animals again in a new way. You feel how they move, you feel the muscles and the strength of the animal and you notice how you become more and more familiar.

Back in camp you will be refreshed, after which you will have another opportunity to spend time with the herd. This time it's about being with the herd. Peace and relaxation return, unlike an exciting ride. You will notice how a feeling of calm and relaxation slowly begins to emerge.

Later in the day, you prepare the meal with the others and spend the evening with them. You can sing around the campfire, get together, exchange ideas, talk about what you've experienced and simply end the day comfortably.

The next morning starts with various offers such as yoga, meditation or enjoying silence - tailored to your individual needs. After you have started the day in a relaxed manner, there is breakfast and a morning run.

Then it's horse time again. Either you decide on a horseback ride or a walk.

This is followed by a lunch prepared together, after which things become quiet again. Because the afternoon begins with mindfulness exercises. Without being distracted by streams of thoughts, memories, fantasies or strong emotions, you pay attention to the here and now.

This is followed by self-awareness exercises with the horses.

These 2 exciting, active, mindful, reflective and calming days end with a final round, after which you return to your everyday life feeling strengthened.

Who is behind the offer?

Anja Hradetzky: Mentor and coach for animal husbandry and author

Lisa Wiese: alternative practitioner, women's companion, coach

To the region

The Lower Oder Valley National Park is located in the north of the Oder-Spree lake district near Hohensaaten. The Oder winds its way through untouched nature past sights worth seeing, such as the Stolper Tower.

More information

Daily offer 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m ​​

Weekend Saturday 11:00 a.m. to Sunday 4:00 p.m


Overnight stay in your own tent, organic food


Upon request


Groups up to a maximum of 10 people


German, English

Important information

Please note when booking the offer: A booking should be made at least 10 days before the start of the offer.

Cancellation conditions: 8 days before the start of the offer, cancellation is free of charge, from the 7th day 50% of the costs are charged, from the 4th day before, in the event of non-cancellation and no-show the entire amount will be retained.


Time out with horses

Anja Hradetzky and Lisa Wiese
Telefon: 015789574547
Instagram: @auszeitmitpferden

The meeting point will be announced after registration, it always depends on where the herd is currently standing.

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