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Upper Austrian Danube region - Austria

Follow the river and dive into local customs

Go with the flow of the river Danube, which winds its way 180 kilometres downstream, from Passau at the German border to the small Austrian village of Grein. The landscapes and riverscapes of the Upper Austrian Danube Region are incredibly diverse, making the region perfect for exploring nature. But ditch the well-trodden tourist paths and try to find the hidden corners that tell the real stories instead. The secrets to those lie with the people who live and work here. Luckily, they are more than happy to welcome you.

The Upper Austrian Danube Region is inevitably shaped by the river, and so are its people. Accustomed to constant flux, the locals make for excellent hosts and readily embrace outsiders who’ve come to experience the region and what it has to offer.

Farmers, craftsmen and small businesses are waiting to show you around and tell you more about the place they call home. Dive in and experience the region’s culture, customs and culinary delights with the people who live here.

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Everyday Culture in Upper Austria

The Upper Austrian Danube region thrives on its authentic inhabitants, who fully immerse themselves in their role as host. You’ll notice the welcoming atmosphere as soon as you enter a typical tavern or one of the cosy beer gardens.

But it’s not just the taverns and inns. Chocolatiers, confectioners, bakers, beekeepers, butchers, cheesemakers and many more use regional products to create both traditional and innovative culinary experiences. Many organic-certified farms and producers sell their products straight out of their shops — no middlemen necessary. From the vegetable growers who bring heirloom varieties back to life to the chefs who prepare regional dishes for their guests — the people appreciate traditions but are always open to innovation.

The Danube Upper Austrian local producers

They use regional products to create both traditional and innovative culinary experiences.

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The Danube Upper Austrian local producers

Schoko-Laden (chocolatier)                 
Katrin und Kurt Wöss
Pühret 11
4143 Neustift im Mühlkreis
+43 699 10582760
info (at) schoko-laden. shop

Sauwald Wodka (vodka)
Martin Paminger
Oberleiten 1
4725 Sankt Aegidi
+43 676 821254070
info (at) sauwaldwodka. at

Speck Alm (farm shop)
Erika und Manfred Gaßner
Lehen 15
4362 Bad Kreuzen
+43 7266 6261
mostschenke (at) speck-alm. at

Cafe-Konditorei Schörgi (cafe and patisserie)
Mr. Helmut Schörgi
Rathausgasse 2
4360 Grein
+43 7268 350
helmut (at) schoergi. at

Taverns and beer gardens

Upper Austria is well-known for its countless breweries.

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Taverns and beer gardens

The combination of a centuries-old brewing tradition and modern technology has produced many speciality brews.

The climate of the Danube region is also perfect for growing fruit, so you’ll find plenty of fruit orchards sprawling over the countryside. It’s unsurprising then that, in addition to beer, apple and pear cider are incredibly popular. Traditionally, cider also accompanies the typical “Brettljause”, a snack at the centre of which features cold roast pork. While cider is an “old” drink, it has garnered quite a following in recent years and has found its way into fine dining. Cider and beer are even used in cooking, such as cider soup or beer bundt cake.

Hotels, cafes and restaurants:

Wesenufer Hotel & Seminarkultur an der Donau
Wesenufer 1
4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen
+43 7718 20090
+43 7718 20090 - 990
office (at) hotel-wesenufer. at

Donautaler Mostkellerei
Grafenau 14
4131 Obermühl
+43 664 4052696
erich (at) fischgasthof. at

Hotel Restaurant Faustschlössl
Oberlandshaag 72
4101 Feldkirchen an der Donau
+43 7233 7402
+43 664 3257204
faustschloessl (at) aon. at

Cafe Einkehr
Bad Mühllacken 55
4101 Feldkirchen an der Donau
+43 7233 7215 - 5
+43 7233 7215 - 414
info (at) marienschwestern. at

Café & Backhaus Casagrande
Lederergasse 14
4100 Ottensheim
+43 7234 82438
brot (at) backhaus-casagrande. at

Hafenstraße 1
4332 Au an der Donau
+43 7262 53090
info (at) camping-audonau. at

Lehen 15
4362 Bad Kreuzen
+43 7266 6261 m
mostschenke (at) speck-alm. at


Swimming in rivers and lakes

Head on to one of the pebble beaches along the Danube.

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Swimming in rivers and lakes

If you want to take it slow after stuffing your face at the local taverns, head on to one of the pebble beaches along the Danube. With picturesque views of the green landscape and the river, locals and visitors like to relax right by the water and watch the passing ships. Those who prefer to cool down in standing water instead can visit one of the many lakes, excavator ponds or natural swimming pools in the region. Just remember: it’s inadvisable to go swimming right after eating, so take your time before you throw yourself into the water.

Rodltal mit Waldbad (natural swimming pool)              
Marktstraße 17
4201 Gramastetten
+43 7239 81550
gemeinde (at) gramastetten.ooe.gv. at

Wasserskilift - JET LAKE Wassersportzentrum (water skiing)
Badeseestrasse 6
4101 Feldkirchen an der Donau
+43 7232 28460
office (at) jetlake. com

Waldbad Bad Mühllacken (natural swimming pool)
Bad Mühllacken
4101 Feldkirchen an der Donau
+43 7233 7190
info (at) feldkirchenanderdonau. at

Freizeitgelände Ottensheim (recreational area)
4100 Ottensheim
+43 7234 82255
gemeinde (at) ottensheim.ooe.gv. at

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