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Birds' House in the Tree

Follow birdsong into the treetops and relax.

We offer an overnight stay at the Bird House in the Tree for those who want to get closer to nature, watch sunrise and sunset, hear the rustle of the leaves and listen to birdsong.

The Bird House in the Tree is a minimalist cottage for one or two people. Meet the morning sun, wander around the surrounding meadows, discover the area’s simple and natural beauty, dance around the campfire and watch from the terrace as the stars light up the night sky. The cottage’s spacious terrace allows you to walk high above the ground, shake off your earthly worries and be fully in the here and now.

The cottage is located right next to the largest Lithuanian bird habitat, the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve. As many as 247 bird species have been registered here. The area boasts various nature trails and observation towers, as well as an interactive visitor centre. Lots of birds also show up by the Bird House, so you can enjoy birdsong while sitting on the terrace.
For those who are eager to meet the locals, we recommend visiting the nearby Gears of the Pasthomestead, where you can learn about local history. There’s also a horse farm called Sparrow Horse, where you can meet horses and learn to ride.

For bookings contact:

Bird House in the Tree
Taikos Str. 36, LT-64353 Verebiejai, Lithuania
Tel. +370 682 89800

A unique experience in the Yurt of VasaRojus

The Yurt of VasaRojus lies on the banks of the river Verknė, built into nature from natural materials. The accommodation is suitable for year-round use and can accommodate up to four people.

The Yurt is divided into two areas. There’s a small room with a shower and toilet. The rest of the building is one large common area which comprises a kitchen, living room and bedroom. In the common area, there is a pellet stove for heating during the winter season. There’s also a terrace, which offers a beautiful view of the river. Close to the Yurt, there’s a BBQ area, sauna and hot tub.

While staying in the Yurt, you’ll have all the necessary facilities but will still be able to feel and hear nature all around you.

During the summer season, we can also organise a kayak trip on the rivers Verknė or Nemunas.

For bookings contact:

Yurt of VasaRojus
Parko Str. 3A, LT-59450 Jundeliškės, Birštonas mun., Lithuania
Tel. +370 670 85987