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Gear of the Past (Lithuania, Soviet-era cars and life)

Our family and village history goes back 200 years. Visit our homestead, a time capsule with its Soviet-era buildings. Travel through time as you learn more about our restored cars, motorbikes and bicycles (you can even take a ride), play with toys from that period and taste our traditional dishes.

  • Discover the lifestyle of Soviet-time Lithuania. Take a look at the authentic architecture and interior of that time.
  • Learn about the history of our village, family, and our collection of items from the Soviet period.
  • Learn how parts of Soviet-era cars were produced and what materials and tools were used.
  • Enjoy a ride in an old car or motorbike. We have Soviet-era vehicles such as “Volga”, “Lada”, “Moskvich”, “Izh”, “Jawa” and “Minsk” at the homestead.
Gears of the past from € 180,-

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It’s said that the past and the future do not exist; only the present. But who we are now is determined by our actions, thoughts, experiences from the past. Why are Lithuanians so melancholic and barely crack a smile? What experiences have Lithuanians had to survive? Let’s shift gear and travel back in time to find answers to these and other questions while learning the history of a small village and one family.

Get acquainted with the village of Verebiejai, which dates back more than 350 years. Our family has lived here for about 200 years. Our homestead was taken away from us. Listen to the story of how we managed to get it back and return to our roots. What family relics have we kept, and what stories have they witnessed?

You can even literally shift gears in our “Lada”, “Moskvich” and “Volga” cars. We have a collection of cars and motorcycles that used to be typical for our country in that era. Each piece in the exhibition tells a story — some are sad; others are funny or incredible.

Come inside and get a feel for our grandparents’ way of living. And if you like, you can even taste their traditional dishes — all made with products from local producers and grown on our homestead.

“Gear of the Past” introduces you to a way of living that preserves and recreates history, allowing us to create an interesting present.

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As well as the accommodation FB page > Birds' House in the Tree

Gears of the past from € 180,-

More Information


  • Visit the typical Soviet-era residential house with its authentic interior.
  • Enjoy a cup of local herbal tea under the hundred-year-old apple tree on the homestead and listen to the village’s and family’s history.
  • Peek into the old outbuildings that hold the secrets of Soviet-era cars, motorbikes, bicycles and various household utensils.
  • Become a restorer for a day and get an understanding of how those cars operated, what kind of materials were used to produce them and what tools are needed for the restoration of these relics.  
  • Enjoy a ride with the old “Volga”, “Lada”, “Moskvich” or motorbikes “Izh”, “Jawa”, “Minsk”.

Not included

  • Our traditional lunch: Taste dishes made with locally-grown ingredients and products from local producers.
  • Accommodation for 2 in a Bird Tree House: While the homestead owner Dovydas loves restoring old things, his sister Ieva is an architect who is fond of tiny houses. She has built a tiny Bird Tree House for you to spend the night in right here on the banks of the pond.
  • Breakfast: Eggs and vegetables from our garden
  • Guided tour: Close to the Verebiejai neighbourhood is the famous Žuvintas Lake, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It’s a place full of wild nature where one can admire various lake birds, listen to the frogs’ strange songs, and enjoy the silence. Dovydas’ wife Irma is a licensed guide and can show you around the local attractions.

Bring along

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Footwear suitable for sports
  • Rain wear
  • Protection from mosquitoes


  • From 1 to 5 participants


  • English


  • Reservations must be made at least 4 weeks in advance or by contacting the family by email 
  • The reservation is only valid after confirmation.
  • Upon arrival please have a covid-19 test confirmation that you are healthy or that you have been vaccinated against this disease.

Important information

  • Preferably no pets
  • Alcohol consumption only in moderation
  • People who are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) will not be allowed on the homestead.
  • The Bird Tree House can only be accessed by ladders, which makes the accommodation unsuitable for wheelchairs.
  • Non-smoking room
  • Please understand we have to charge a 20% cancellation fee for the paid deposit if you cancel the booking. In case You cancel the booking 6-1 days before arrival or in case of no-show there will be no refund of the paid deposit at all.


Taikos Str. 36, Verebiejai, Alytus distr., Lithuania
54.45843078686386, 23.686955990905037

Offered by: Gear of the Past (Praeities pavara)
64353 – Verebiejai, Alytus dist
Location name / meeting point: Gear of the Past

Parking Space: Yes
Train Stations & Bus Stops: Verebiejai bus stop

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