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If you want to immerse yourself in the passion of the finest baking craftsmanship, then you are in the right place. At Ebner Patisserie, gingerbread is always in season. Get to know the traditional family business since 1939 and gain valuable insights into the world of confectionery. Everything is, of course, decorated with artisanal skill by hand.

sweet craftsmanship € 35,-

Further information

Are there certain requirements that the guest must meet?

  • Guests should have a sweet tooth, then they will feel welcome here!

Should the guest bring something special to the experience?

  • No.

What exactly is included in the service?

  • 1 ½ hours full program
  • Tour and behind-the-scenes insights into the traditional business
  • Self-made gingerbread mixture
  • A self-decorated gingerbread heart
  • Tasting of gingerbread, Steirertorte, and spelt cookies, including a beverage

What is not included?

This experience can be wonderfully combined with the "Shopping and strolling tour with donkeys." The patisserie also invites you to stay and taste after the experience.

Number of participants per Slow Trips experience:

  • The confectioner experience is available for 2-10 people. Age 15 and up. People with disabilities are warmly welcomed, as the experience can be conducted barrier-free.

Further important information for the guest:

  • Contact: Therese Ebner,,, +43 3335 2350
  • Address: Konditorei Ebner, Lamberggasse 31, 8225 Pöllau

Specification of different ticket categories:

  • From 2 people: €45 per person
  • From 3 to 10 people: €35 per person

Validity of tickets:

  • February, March, June, July, August
  • Weekdays: Monday, Friday, Saturday
  • Times: 1 PM, 4 PM


During this experience, you will be personally welcomed by Chef Hermann, who will escort you to your table. Upon arrival, the aroma of the patisserie fills your senses, and you hear the sounds from the bakery. You will receive a brief tour of the patisserie and hear stories spanning three generations. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at the operation.

Your first task awaits: guess the various gingerbread spices and have the master confectioner explain the importance of regional products and producers for their secret recipe. Working with single-origin spices, you will be invited to see, taste, and experiment, even preparing your own gingerbread spice mix.

Grandma "Lisl," part of the third generation and over 80 years old, will demonstrate the art of gingerbread decorating with her steady hand. She will also share the secrets of the different base doughs. Additionally, you will learn how to make your own icing and fill it into a simple homemade paper cone. Now, it's your turn to prove your passion for craftsmanship.

While your gingerbread heart is drying in the oven, you are warmly invited to relax in the Ebner Patisserie. You will be offered a tasting of other gingerbread varieties, a traditional Steirertorte, and a spelt cookie, accompanied by a glass of Prosecco or coffee.

At the end of the experience, you can take home your self-decorated gingerbread heart and your homemade gingerbread spice mix.


Konditorei Ebner
Address: Lamberggasse 31, 8225 Pöllau
Contact: +43 3335 2350,