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The green heart of Italy

In Southern Umbria — through the Umbrian Vale, the Valnerina, the highland plains and the Sibillini Mountains —, water has been the timeless weaver of the fabric of life, with the rivers of the region shaping the landscape and influencing the inhabitants’ lives.

Southern Umbria is a region where magic and reality still dance hand in hand in hazy valleys, along the contours of terraced hills, through flower-filled highland plains and up the slopes of rugged mountains.

The legends of dragons, fairies, sibyls and old tales of wisdom live on here in the words, gazes and gestures of the locals. The people of Valle Umbria cling to their land like old oaks. They’re firmly rooted in the past, like the mountains, but with their dreams flowing on like the river.

Our history is written in stone and carved onto the landscape, the results of millennia of faith, hard labour, endurance and skill. And the people who live here today use their passion and dreams to ensure the future for generations to come.

The real magic of our land lies in the balance between nature and humankind. Come and experience our little blue-green paradise.

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Some things never change

The people and their land: a never-ending love story

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Some things never change

A territory shaped by its history and its people

For thousands of years, the Valle Umbra and the Sibillini Mountains have witnessed the whole gamut of human presence. They’ve seen the labour of farmers and monks, the passing of shepherds and merchants, pilgrims and soldiers.

All of them have added a layer to the culture of the land which persists until today. People’s daily work, commitments and ideals have passed an exceptional historical, cultural and social inheritance on us. 

Handmade local products

Ancient knowledge and manual ability: the artistry of handmade objects

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Handmade local products

Old craftsmanship meets new techniques

In the old days, in every village, skilful hands shaped clay, wove cloth and wicker baskets, made hemp ropes, forged iron tools, carved wood and stone, built homes, churches, castles, protective walls, etc. These skills were not formally taught in school but learned through telling, observing and trying.

This ancient knowledge is still alive today in the many workshops and small manufactories in Valle Umbra. Artisans work with traditional materials, using contemporary techniques to create unique items and true works of art.

A treasure trove of flavours

Varied landscapes, organic farming, great produce and innovative techniques lead to an exceptional culinary experience

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A treasure trove of flavours

Products you can't taste anywhere else

The diversity of microclimates and landscapes in Valle Umbra, coupled with eco-friendly farming techniques, traditional and innovative processing methods, is at the basis of our many outstanding food products.

To name just a few:

  • Sagrantino DOCG, a full-bodied, dark red wine, made from an ancient heirloom vintage grown in the area of Montefalco and Bevagna.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, our “green gold” coming from the “olive belt” on the hillsides surrounding the Valle Umbra.
  • Black truffles, picked in the wild of our oak woods and cultivated in experimental lots.
  • Small mountain lentils of an heirloom variety, organically grown on the high plains of Castelluccio in the Sibillini National park.
  • Spelt, an ancient variety of wheat going back to Roman times, grown on mountain valleys and open fields, especially on the karst plains around the Colfiorito Regional Park.
  • Sweet and aged Pecorino cheese, often flavoured with truffle or herbs, produced with traditional techniques in the area around Norcia and throughout all of our mountain ranges.
  • The Chianina cows, a historical local breed going back to Etruscan and Roman times, considered one of the best for beef production, raised on farms or free-range on mountain pastures.
  • And the highlight of our mountains: Prosciutto, capocollo, salami and sausages! Cured meats are known throughout Italy as Norcinerie — that’s how renowned the area of Norcia is for these products. Over the centuries, the cool, dry mountain microclimate has proven ideal for maturing prosciutto, lonza and salami to perfection.

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