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Time for Art (Lithuania, art workshop)

Have You ever dreamt of becoming an artist, letting Your inner child loose and do what imagination tells You to? We offer You a chance to leave Your everyday life behind and become an artist for a day. Discuss ideas, merge into the world of creativity and try various carving techniques Yourself!

  • Sculptor Andrius Lik spends most of his time carving sculptures from linden and oak but also creates works of bronze, stone and other materials. When he paints, he wets his brush not with traditional paints but with coffee and ink.
  • Admire the graceful lines of women torso, busts and heads. The surfaces of the sculptures are so smooth that it's hard to believe they are hand made. Listen to the horrific story of Galvė Lake and find out how Andrius managed to hush the ferocious spirit
  • We guarantee a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere where you will be able to let your creativity run wild, where years of experience gathered by the master artist are shared not only through his works but also through the stories of unconventional projects.
  • We offer you everything you need to roll up Your sleeves, gather Your thoughts and start carving. Learn about the unique technique of decorating the sculptures by axe or professional chisels and try it all by Yourself.
  • You will be able to take home with you not only one of a kind art peace you have just made but also unforgettable memories and experiences that will leave you wanting more.
Time for art from € 100,-


"Find something you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life." This saying, which is often attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, is probably the best way to describe artist Andrius Lik’s life. He is always smiling, always working, always full of new thoughts. Work is his life, and his life is work.

Legend has it that every year, Galvė lake in Trakai claimed a sacrificial head. The calamities only stopped when Andrius carved six giant heads from oak, each two metres tall, to be placed in the lake. This is how one of the world’s first underwater sculpture parks was created.

The heads also adorn the coffee corner of Andrius’ studio. At first glance, they seem to have come from a faraway Africa, but they were all born here in a small sculptor’s studio. Why masks? “They’re beautiful,” Andrius will answer, “I’ve always dreamed of sitting in a room with masks.” Why African? “Through minimal means of expression, maximum expression can be achieved,” the sculptor will continue, “Primitive art is perfect. You just have to learn to understand it. “Masks are my hobby. I make them to warm up my hands before concentrating on the bigger sculpture I’m working on at the time.”

Those sculptures are unique to Andrius. They’re hidden, away from prying eyes: women’s torsos, busts, heads — all of them look slightly stretched, graceful, with thoughtful glances. They remind of the painted or excavated elongated faces and necks by A. Modigliani, an artist whose work Andrius admires. “An artist cannot remain unaffected by one or another element of somebody’s work. It settles in the subconscious, and when the creative process takes place, it emerges unexpectedly,” Andrius will explain.

But some sculptures stand on their heads? “It’s much more interesting,” Andrius will say, “why should everyone have to be the right way up? After all, it’s fun when people come and bend before my work, trying to see it from every angle.”

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Time for art from € 100,-

More Information


  • A cup of coffee, ground and brewed by the artist in his cosy studio
  • Discussion about art and the lifestyle of an artist
  • Carving workshop
  • The sculpture you created during the workshop as a souvenir

Bring along

  • Wear comfortable clothing


  • From 1 to 2 participants


  • English, Russian


  • Reservations are accepted at least 4 week in advance or by contacting by e-mail
  • Reservations are only valid once you receive confirmation that your desired date is available.
  • Upon arrival please have a covid-19 test confirmation that you are healthy or that you have been vaccinated against this disease.

Important information

  • No pets
  • People who are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) will not be allowed in.
  • Please understand we have to charge a 20% cancellation fee for the paid deposit if you cancel the booking. In case You cancel the booking 6-1 days before arrival or in case of no-show there will be no refund of the paid deposit at all.


Birštonas Culture Centre, Jaunimo Str. 4, Birštonas

Offered by: Leisure Therapy (Laisvalaikio terapija)
59222 – Šaltinėnai, Birštonas mun
Location name: Leisure Therapy (Laisvalaikio terapija)

Parking space: yes
Train Stations & Bus Stops: Birštonas Bus Station

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