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Experience how Shinrin Yoku forest bathing is good for you. Helps you to relax in a completely natural way, recharge your life energy and activate your self-healing powers through mindfulness in the forest. I accompany you to experience the forest in a new way, to find peace and relaxation and to fully exploit the health potential of the forest with the help of the forest bathing method.

What's special?

  • Stress reduction & mindfulness
  • Health & Self Care
  • Accompanied & professionally guided
  • Experience the forest with lasting health effects
  • Individual forest bath
  • individually, in pairs or in a group


Eileen Froelich invites you to have a new experience and feel the power of the forest with a lot of lightness. It offers you time to breathe deeply and regenerate - time for you. Go with her on a decelerated sensory journey through the forest, a break from everyday life, from rotating and functioning. You immerse yourself in the forest and the soothing atmosphere and discover what nature has in store for you. Because the forest not only gives you relaxation, but also has a proven positive and healing effect on your entire nervous, hormonal and immune system.

Let the forest inspire you and practice mindfulness through various perception and relaxation units. Feel how you immerse yourself completely in the here and now, how you bring the carousel of thoughts to a standstill and can find peace.


Forest bathing comes from Japan and is a time-tested and nature-related practice that is aimed at reducing stress, promoting relaxation of the body and mind and activating your own self-healing powers.


Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice that is used and practiced in connection with nature during forest bathing. It means a specific way of paying attention: consciously staying in the present moment without pursuing a specific intention. Simply be there with what you perceive and without evaluating or judging.


The forest helps us to relax mentally and physically in a short period of time due to its natural atmosphere and our evolutionary connection to nature. It also has enormous health-promoting potential.

More information


A forest bath awaits you, individually tailored to you, tailored to your theme, at a suitable date.

Duration: 3 hours

To prepare, I take time for a personal conversation to find out something about you, your topic or your wishes. I will then create a forest pool tailored to you in a suitable forest in Brandenburg.

I will send you all organizational and important information such as time, meeting point, parking options and other information by email in good time in advance, so that you can not only arrive on time for your forest experience, but also have everything important with you.


Forest bathing time out “Private & Exclusive” - 99 euro

Time out for forest bathing “for two” - 149 euro

Waldbande time out “individually as a group” – price on request


Eileen Fröhlich offers Shinrin Yoku forest bathing all year round, although she recommends spring and autumn.



Important information

Price and payment terms: Payment in advance by bank transfer or PayPal

Booking: Contact and booking can be made either by email: anfrage (at) auszeitwaldbaden. de or by telephone at: +49 (0) 151 507 44404.

Once the agreement has been made, the binding booking and invoice will then be confirmed by email. You will also receive all organizational information about your forest experience in advance by email.

Short-term inquiries and bookings are possible depending on availability.


Eileen Froelich
+49 (0) 151 507 44404 

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