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With Wolfgang from the BIO Kräuterhof Zemanek

At this exciting and entertaining workshop, you will learn the art of fermentation with lactic acid bacteria at the organic herb farm Zemanek. This method of preserving vegetables is one of the oldest methods to preserve food. This is exactly why it fits perfectly into our times.

  • Preserve different types of vegetables
  • Taste different fermented specialities
  • Learn tips and tricks from the professional Wolfgang Zemanek – this way fermenting at home will be a success
  • In addition to the fermentation workshop, you will learn interesting facts about the organic herb farm Zemanek and how (wild)herbs are best fermented in combination with vegetables
Basics of fermentation

Further information

Should the guest bring something special to the experience?

  • As the workshop will be held outdoors, please bring clothing appropriate for the weather and the temperature
  • Enthusiasm and a genuine interest in working with plant-based foods.

What exactly is included in the service?

  • 3-hour workshop – fermenting with lactic acid bacteria
  • 2 jars of vegetables per guest, the fermentation process will finish by itself at your home
  • Vegetables, salt and special seasonings from the organic herb farm

What is not included in the service?

  • The organic herb farm Zemanek is known for a wide variety of herbal specialities, teas and seasonings, which can be purchased on site after the workshop.

Number of participants per Slow Trips experience:

  • 1 to 8 participants

Further important information for the guest:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the workshop, you can park directly at the organic herb farm
  • In case of rain the workshop will be cancelled.
  • Your host is Wolfgang Zemanek, contact phone number 0664 970 69 01
Basics of fermentation


You will gain fascinating insights into a preservation method that used to be very common for our grandparents and that we hardly know about today. Fermenting with lactic acid bacteria is not only an old but also a tried and tested method for preserving vegetables and herbs. Furthermore, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved as well. The taste of fermented vegetables is uniquely intense and highly aromatic.

This traditional preservation method is inexpensive, sustainable and very trendy. In this workshop, after a comprehensive theoretical overview, we will preserve vegetables in combination with herbs. Feel free to chat with organic herb expert Wolfgang about different suitable combinations for your fermentation project. Learn the most important rules with this type of fermentation and glean many tips so that your hard work will be rewarded. The samples made by you can be taken home.


8225 Freifeldweg 662

7RWW+86 Pöllau bei Hartberg

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