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The workshop enables you to easily bake healthy sourdough bread at home. In addition, delicious spreads are prepared together from fresh ingredients. The course ends with a shared evening meal where the freshly baked bread and spreads are enjoyed. Bread baking is very suitable as a bonding experience for groups or teams. P.S. Overnight accommodation is available for up to 10 people.

Sourdough bread baking course € 90,-


In this workshop, learn how to bake healthy sourdough bread yourself without having to turn your everyday life upside down. While the dough is maturing or being baked, delicious and healthy spreads are prepared to go with the freshly baked bread.

The courses take place with a maximum of ten people in a quiet, family atmosphere. There is food, drinks and plenty of room for questions, exchange of experiences and individual discussions.

Course procedure:

1) Prepare bread: Prepare the dough for your own bread. You will learn which steps are necessary, how long they take and what happens in the dough. When do you knead, how long should the sourdough rest in between, when do you shape the bread from the dough?

2) Interesting facts about flour: Learn about different types of flour. What do the numbers on the packets mean? Which types of grain can be used and how do they differ?

3) Interesting facts about sourdough bread and why it is particularly healthy: While the dough is rising, you will learn what makes up sourdough. Which microorganisms are responsible for the high nutritional and health value and why does sourdough bread taste so aromatic. Why you can do without the many additives in industrial bread and what else is worth knowing about sourdough and its history.

4) Care and use of your own sourdough: You are welcome to take some sourdough with you to use at home. You will be told what the new "roommate" needs for a long life and how to keep it strong.

5) Baking bread: In the afternoon, the time has come to put the loaves in the oven and bake them. In this step you will find out what is important and how to make crispy bread from normal household ovens.

6) Make spreads: While the bread is rising or baking, various spreads are made. Depending on the season, herbs are used that are harvested in the garden or during a short walk in nature.

7) Bread tasting/sitting together in a cosy atmosphere: The course concludes with a shared evening meal, not only will a small loaf of bread be baked for all participants* to take home, but also bread to taste together. You can enjoy the still warm bread with delicious, freshly made herb butter, herb curd or the other spreads. There is also sausage from the Oderbruch and cheese. Over a glass of red or white wine, beer or juice, the participants let the day end in peace.

For digestion or the next morning, a walk through the Altfriedländer lake and pond landscape is worthwhile. As a European bird sanctuary, the waters are the easternmost part of the Märkische Schweiz Nature Park. Especially in autumn and spring, thousands of migratory birds such as wild geese and cranes can be observed there.

Overnight stay: As a participant before or after the baking course, you can stay overnight in the separate accommodation of the Landpraxis or in one of the cosy converted caravans in the garden. However, there are also overnight accommodation options or holiday flats in the village. Please enquire about the modalities by email.

Sourdough bread baking course € 90,-

More Information


  • Baking course 11-17 hrs, incl. materials and full catering


  • 90,- € p.p.
  • optional: overnight stay in a 2-bed room in the Landpraxis Altfriedland, 50,-€ per person, incl. breakfast on Sunday


  • max. 10 persons


Offers for groups:

  • Baking bread and experiencing nature are ideal as a special team or group experience. Heike and Ulrich Dahl will be happy to make you an individual offer for other dates. Just write to them at


  • German

Important information

Please note: Subject to change! In case of cancellation by the organiser due to the pandemic, the costs will be refunded (minus possible payment fees e.g. from Eventim, Paypal, Stripe, etc.). The costs for bookings made or overnight stays outside the Landpraxis cannot be reimbursed. Please take out suitable cancellation or additional insurance for this liability possibility.


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