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Slow Trips
ARGE CultTrips & Slow Travel

Transnational Project Coordinator: Barbara Stumpf, M.A.
St. Johann bei Herberstein 100
AT-8222 Feistritztal
Tel.: +43 660 4935390
E-Mail: hello (at) slowtrips. eu

Tourismusregionalverband Oststeiermark
St. Johann bei Herberstein 100
AT-8222 Feistritztal
Tel.: +43 3113 20678
E-Mail: info (at) oststeiermark. com

Regionalentwicklungsagentur Oststeirisches Kernland
Gewerbepark Hartl 300
AT-8224 Kaindorf
Tel.: +43 3334 31478-0
E-Mail: info (at) zeitkultur. at

VAT Registration No: ATU60323046

This website informs about the LEADER transnational cooperation project Slow Trips.

Online Dispute Resolution:

Consumers can use the EU's Online Dispute Resolution platform to make a complaint:
You are welcome to send your complaint to us at the following e-mail address: hello (at) slowtrips. eu

Photo copyrights

The images of the project Slow Trips may only be used with the written consent of the LEADER Projcte Slow Trips or the photographer. Disclosure to third parties is expressly prohibited. As usual, the copyrights belong to the picture author.

Copyrights from the region Eastern Styria:
Bernhard Bergmann

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Copyrights from the region Guttland:
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Copyrights from the region Valle Umbra e Sibillini:
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Copyrights from the region Southwestern Basilicata:
GAL La Cittadella del Sapere

Copyrights from the region Southeastern Basilicata:
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Copyrights from the region Märkische Seen:
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Copyrights from the region Nedre Dalälven:
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Conception, design, production

crosseye Marketing GmbH
Tourismus Marketing Online

GIZ Rosegg, Rosegg 1
8191 Birkfeld

Copyediting & translation

Grumpy Girl Communication
Andie Katschthaler


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