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Holiday Homes de Buigne

You love nature and flowers? You are looking for a creative wreath making project – wild, pure, sustainable and ideally self-picked? Individual wreaths are a wonderful accompaniment throughout the year. As a welcome greeting, as table or wall decorations – they are an eyecatcher time and again.

  • Immerse yourself in the everyday life of the family de Buigne. Enjoy a guided tour on their estate situated paradisically in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley. The wooden holiday homes are over 300 years old and the parlour in the house is from 1713. The perfect place for dreaming and creativity.
  • Join Sylvia and scout for appropriate natural materials for your creative wreath making project. Weave an individual and unique wreath for you to take home.
  • Besides the wreath making you will be part of a lively exchange between Sylvia and the group about suitable natural materials and life in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley in general. You will also be indulged with regional and homemade juices.
Blossom time is wreath making time from € 38,-

Further information

Are there certain requirements that the guest must meet?

  • This experience is suitable for both children and grown-ups. Should you wish to bring your child along to the experience, please make sure to contact us in advance so that we can take necessary precautions to ensure a smooth experience.

Should the guest bring something special to the experience?

  • As the weather in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley can be changeable depending on the season we recommend that you bring appropriate clothing along – something warm, hiking boots - to ensure that you can enjoy the wreath making experience to the fullest.

What exactly is included in the service?

  • Guided tour and information about the over 300-year-old wooden holiday homes and the tradition-rich life of the family de Buigne in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley
  • Expedition in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley looking for suitable natural materials for your wreath making project
  • In the group you will weave your individual wreath under the professional guidance of your hostess Sylvia
  • Sylvia provides all the basic materials necessary for your wreath project like a wreath ring, wire, natural materials etc.

Number of participants per Slow Trips experience:

  • The wreath making experience can be booked from 2 – 12 people.

Further important information for the guest:

  • Holiday Homes de Buigne, Zeil-Pöllau 80, 8225 Pöllauberg, Sylvia’s mobile phone number: +43 664 738 75 878

Specification of different ticket categories:

  • 2 – 3 hours of wreath making for adults is € 38 per person
  • Fee for making an additional wreath is € 12
  • Self-made candle for the centre of your table wreath is € 15

Optional additional bookings:

  • 4 overnight stays in the holiday home “Knusperhäuschen” for 2 guests € 490,00
  • 4 overnight stays in the holiday home “Sonnfeldkasten” for 2 guests € 490,00
  • 4 overnight stays in the holiday home “Hirschbirnhäuschen” for 4 guests € 850,00

Validity of tickets:

  • January – December from Monday – Sunday
Blossom time is wreath making time from € 38,-


At the Slow Trips Experience “Blossom Time is wreath making time” Sylvia invites her guests into a world for dreaming. At the estate of the family de Buigne, surrounded by meadows and forests, you are able to escape the stresses of everyday life and to go on a journey of sensual pleasures in the picturesque Nature Park Pöllau Valley.

Besides the wreath making experience you also have the chance to spend 4 nights in one of the three well-preserved holiday homes of the family de Buigne where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over the Nature Park Pöllau Valley. These East Styrian “Troadkästen” (granaries) are over 300 years old. The pleasant smell of the wood, the tiled stove, the larch wood floors from the family’s forest and the many little details of the décor ensure a unique holiday experience. The family de Buigne is dedicated to preserving the region Nature Park Pöllau Valley as well as their living environment. The parlor in the house is from 1713. With much love objects from the past that have almost lost their value are restored and preserved.

After a short, guided tour on the estate of the family de Buigne you will stroll with Sylvia over meadows and through woods of the Nature Park Pöllau Valley. Sylvia will tell you stories and anecdotes about the regional cultural properties. After you have found your preferred materials like cones, acorns, crust fungi, flowers or lichens for your individual wreath, you go back to the garden of the holiday homes. Sylvia will show you different ways of making wreaths and reliable methods that ensure that your individual wreath project will be a success. Chat with her about times gone by while enjoying homemade juices and cakes.


Holiday Homes de Buigne
Address: Zeil-Pöllau 80, 8225 Pöllauberg
Contact: +43 664 738 75 878, office (at) debuigne. at

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