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Basilians and Fortifications

Step onto the ancient roads the Basilian monks once walked on, and explore the ruins of the medieval walls that line them. All while enjoying the silence of unspoilt nature and some breathtaking views.

The fortifications that once defended the villages of Southwestern Basilicata may not be intact anymore. However, they, and the castles along the road, still divulge fascinating stories of their thousand-year-old history.

The Basilian (or Byzantine) monks have strongly influenced the way of life in the region. Learn more about its traditions, experience local life and taste typical and genuine products of the region.

Rotonda: history, legends and nature

The itinerary takes you through the legends, myths, and traditions of the region and into its stunning landscape. The Mercure Valley will enchant you with the fossilised remains of elephants and prehistoric hippos, legends of arboreal rites, the mills and waterfall of the Paraturo stream, the ancient public bathhouse (“Fontana i susu”), the House of Memory, the Talking Walls, up to the high cliff which offers a panoramic view over the stunning Pollino National Park.