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Greeters in Eastern Styria — Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Let a Greeter support you during your stay in Eastern Styria.

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Greeters in Eastern Styria — Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Eastern Styria is a member of the international non-profit Greeter organisation, which includes 31 countries, 122 destinations, 3,600 Greeters worldwide and 16,700 Greets per year.

The Greeter organisation is a great way to experience attractions all over the world off the beaten path. Greeters are locals who will take guests like you on private walking tours, introducing them to their city, town, village or area. These tours, so-called Greets, are completely free of charge and accommodate up to six people at a time.

Let a Greeter support you for two to three hours during your stay in Eastern Styria. Our Greeters have exciting personalities and friendly faces that welcome anyone who wants to see our region from a different perspective.

Our Greeters will happily show you the notable highlights of our destination, but they can also introduce you to the things you won’t find in a guidebook or which are hard to discover if you are merely wandering around.

They also know all the best culinary spots, of course. Ask your Greeter for advice on where to buy the best regional farm products, including pumpkin seed oil, schnapps, fruit juices, wine, bread, and other delicacies, such as products made from the rare Pöllauer autumn pears. They’ll be able to tell you where to find the cosiest “Buschenschank” among the many local winery taverns that also serve delicious homemade food.

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Geocaching - be part of a treasure hunt!

Geocaching routes in Eastern Styria offer delightful experiences full of unplanned surprises.

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Geocaching - be part of a treasure hunt!

With geocaching, you can playfully discover your surroundings, far away from the well-known tourist spots. All you have to do is follow the clues!

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS-compatible devices. Participants navigate to specific coordinates and try to find a geocache, a hidden container. Geocaches differ greatly in size and appearance. They range from transparent plastic containers to black film cans to a replica stone with a secret compartment. All you need is a GPS receiver or a GPS-compatible smartphone to navigate to the cache.

To take part in geocaching, you need a membership at The rules are simple: if you take something out of a geocache, you have to leave something of the same or higher value behind, and the find must be entered in the cache logbook.

Eastern Styria offers many geocaching routes. This type of treasure hunt can also be combined with a nice hike. It’s a fantastic way to spend a day in the fresh air.

An enthusiastic geocacher from Eastern Styria, Mr Reinhold Schwarz, recounts his first geocaching experience as follows:

“Once a year, I walk a multi-day pilgrimage route to Mariazell starting from Eastern Styria. One day, an experienced geocacher was in my group, and when we reached Brandlucken, they asked if we could leave the planned route for a short time because they wanted to find a so-called “geocache”. The whole group accepted. This detour was full of surprises because, besides the geocache, we also found a plaque commemorating World War II, where the remains of a crashed plane could be viewed. It really was a very exciting experience."