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Lush mountain pastures, charming little towns, and plenty of wine gardens — Eastern Styria has a lot to offer that will make your Slow Trips experience unforgettable. And it sure doesn’t hurt that the wineries are attached to taverns, giving you a chance to quaff some of the excellent local wines.

Dive in and discover the everyday culture of Eastern Styria. Whether you’re hot air ballooning over stunning landscapes, learning to operate a train, going by carriage or on foot — Eastern Styria offers so many wonderful options off the beaten path. The region is also well known as a cycling and hiking location. Far from the mainstream, and largely undiscovered by tourism, our Slow Trips experiences are very personal adventures.

Explore Eastern Styria on quiet soles, outside in fresh air, surrounded by wonderfully fragrant gardens. Okay, sometimes you might get a whiff of manure as well but, hey, that’s just rural life.

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Everyday culture in Eastern Styria

It’s easy to get lost in a very rural area like Eastern Styria. For some, that’s a desirable part of travelling. But luckily, for those who prefer to know where they’re going, the locals are always happy to give directions. They’re pleasant people who live their lives with joy and passion and welcome visitors openly and with authentic hospitality.

Our locals are the key to success for Eastern Styrian tourism. These craftsmen, food producers, chefs, artists and farmers are great representatives of our everyday culture. Don’t miss out on the culinary treats or the various traditional events that liven up each season. Eastern Styria is also a hub for creative minds. Search for your artistic vein and go on a journey of creative discovery.

Experience traditional grocery stores in Eastern Styria

Small rural grocery stores are where large-scale trade and consumers meet and make a connection.

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Experience traditional grocery stores in Eastern Styria

The first grocery stores appeared in the fifteenth century, and they’ve changed a lot since then. But a typical grocery store in Eastern Styria is still more of a delicatessen or general store, just like they used to be. These small businesses are comparable to the “Tante-Emma-Läden” in Germany. Simply put, a rural grocer is a retailer with retail space the size of a small and cosy apartment. It’s the most intimate connection possible between large-scale trade and consumer.

And here you can discover these pure treasures in Eastern Styria:

Herrn und Fräulein Rodlers
St. Johann bei Herberstein 8, 8222 Feistritztal

Dorfgreißlerei Götzl
Hauptplatz 6, 8223 Stubenberg am See

Brandluckner Huab'n mit Greißlerei
Naintsch 75-172, 8172 Heilbrunn

Greißlerei Weingut Glatz
Brunngasse 25, 8271 Bad Waltersdorf

Enjoy local wine at the Buschenschank, an evolution of the Roman tavern

Eastern Styria has a long-standing tradition of winemaking that goes back all the way to the Romans more than 2,000 years ago.

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Enjoy local wine at the Buschenschank, an evolution of the Roman tavern

More than 2,000 years ago, the Romans already grew and pressed wine here in Eastern Styria. Today, modern winemakers live, grow and make wine along the very same “Roman Wine Road”, which is dotted with the typical Eastern Styrian wine taverns, so-called “Buschenschenken”.

A typical tavern snack at the “Buschenschank” combines various flavours that will make your taste buds sing. For example, you can order a “Brettljause”, a (rather opulent) snack served on a wooden cutting board and accompanied by some house wine. It consists of various meats, such as Ruckwurst, Kümmelbraten (a delicious pork roast made with caraway) and Surbrüstl, as well as a delicious spread. Another must-try is the typical salad of scarlet runner beans made with delicious Styrian pumpkin seed oil. Do make sure to try the crunchy farmhouse bread as well. Finally, sit back, refill your wine glass, and enjoy life to the fullest. Cheers!

But wait! How will you find one of these wonderful “Buschenschank” taverns? Keep an eye on the bushes at the side of the road, where small signs will show you which of the taverns are open. Another option is to ask the locals — everyone knows the word “Buschenschank” in Eastern Styria.

Get a Roman spirit in Eastern Styria

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