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Explorers love to experience safe but enriching adventures.
Typical statements:

“When I travel, I like to stay away from the well-trodden paths.”
“I love a deep dive into foreign countries to explore natural and cultural landscapes and local living.“ 

Explorers are no “first movers” but getting lost in cities is a passion for them. They’re digital natives and see themselves as experienced internet users. They plan their travels online and put together individual experiences; bookings are mostly made online as well.
Travel apps are often used, especially those that help them get lost and find their own adventures. A number of mobile apps have been created over the last few years that help travellers take unplanned detours, such as Dérive App, Serendipitor, Drift, and Random GPS.
Explorers also love geocaching or similar technologically enhanced ways to explore rural and urban landscapes. On the other hand, many explorers purposefully avoid using the internet while they are travelling — digital detoxing is a huge trend in this field.