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The Living History of the Yotvingian Tribe (Lithuania, camp adventure)

Let's move back a thousand years ago to the golden age of the most militant Baltic tribes Yotvingians. You'll have an opportunity to see restored costumes, weapons, armor, participate in the Yotvingian camp, get acquainted with their lifestyle, crafts, taste roasted meat and ancient beer.

  • Camp with the Yotvingian family and listen to the history of Yotvingian tribe.
  • Discover authentically restored costumes, weapons, household items and visit Arminai mound, reminiscent of Yotvingian times.
  • Learn about old crafts (weaving, tablet weaving sash) and try them together.
  • See how fire is started by using flint and steel, taste the food made on fire and beer made according to old traditions
The Living History from € 400,-


The Yotvingians is a mysterious nation. Some called them the cruelest people, others the noblest. Some feared and hated them, others admired their courage. They, like many other Baltic tribes, disappeared from the political map in the 13th century. The Yotvingians lived in the territories of present-day Lithuanian south, southeastern Poland and western Belarus. The traces of the Yotvingians are alive today in the names of people, places, settlements, rivers or lakes, and their material legacy are the abundant mounds, burial mounds and archeological finds.

Our family lives about 11 km west of Alytus, where the villages of Arminai and Aniškis are located between Lakes Gudeliai and Pluvija. Aniškis is one of the oldest settlements in the district. The most famous and distinct ancient monument of Aniškis is Aniškis-Arminai mound. It is believed that the Aniškis mound was used for cult purposes.

Around Aniškis there is a number of famous places related to the old manor, a World War II guerrilla bunker, a school built between the interwar, the construction of which was financed by the local patron, who enriched in America by incense business and who transported all the building materials from beyond the Atlantic.

We both - Jurgita and Giedrius are history enthusiasts who have been researching the history of our country for more than twenty years, nurturing and restoring the ancestral tribe, warfare, household, crafts and traditions. Over time, this activity became not only our hobby, but also a way of life: ancient culture, traditions, old Baltic holidays became an integral part of our lives.

We have established the organization "Sons of Yotva", which unites like-minded people who love their country, is engaged in the fostering and reconstruction of the historical heritage of our country, organizes ancient events, celebrations and festivals.

We proudly consider our family to be the descendants of the Yotvingians. From generation to generation, our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents had taken roots in this land, where the Jotvingian people once lived and have left their glorious historical heritage.

We want to share this living story lesson with you. Here you will be able to spend meaningful time in the Yotvingian family camp, at the foot of the Arminai-Aniškis mound, with your own hands touching weapons, armor, jewelery, household items, accurately restored according to the archeological finds of this region. You will get acquainted with the history of our country by listening to stories and legends sitting at the fire, tasting the meat fried on the fire and lifting the horn of beer made according to old recipes.

The Living History from € 400,-

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  • Presentation of the Yotvingian tribe
  • Presentation of the reconstructed weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, and household utensils
  • Demonstration of starting fire with a help of flint and steel
  • Food tasting
  • Homemade beer tasting

For an additional fee you can order:

  • Education of beer production (duration 6 hours)
  • Education of tablet weaving sash and weaving one by oneself (duration 4 hours)
  • Overnight in an authentic tent
  • Next day breakfast (fried eggs and vegetables from your own farm)
  • Next day lunch (stew or soup made on a campfire)


  • From 4 to 10 participants

Important information:         

  • The service is not accessible for the disabled
  • No smoking
  • People who are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) or aggressive will not be allowed to the homestead
  • We only accept pets if they are non-aggressive and do not endanger children and bystanders. You must inform us about the pets by e-mail and receive our confirmation


  • English
  • Russian


Sons of Yotva
54.40010139521531, 23.872457024923577

4, Arminai I-st Village, Alytus distr., 64281 Lithuania

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