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Experience a day outside in nature in a group of women. Near Bad Freienwalde (Oder) in a hilly landscape right on the edge of the forest, we experience together the simple, original, wild life in the moment with the elements of the earth and what surrounds us in this place.

What's special?

  • Take time for yourself
  • Perceiving nature
  • Feel your connection to your roots and wings
  • Discover the liveliness in nature and in yourself
  • Simple living in and with nature
  • In a small circle of women
  • Sharing moments around the fire



Outdoor time for women invites us to get away from everyday life and perceive all our senses. In a place in the middle of forests and meadows we can switch off our heads and arrive completely at ourselves. Together we will look for wild herbs, observe nature and find ourselves through guided mindfulness exercises and intuitive writing. In contact with nature, our perception and intuition are strengthened - this makes it clearer to us what the next steps on our path are. The outdoor time is structured as a thematic series on three dates:

perception - connection - liveliness. They build on one another, but can also be visited individually.

This workshop is for you if you want to (re)discover the lightness in yourself and your life and at the same time give space to the heaviness. Because we all have the properties of both the feather and the stone within us.

Together in a protected space, in a beautiful place, we will perceive ourselves with everything that defines us and connect with our inner and outer nature.

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2 days (Saturday and Sunday), an overnight stay in the tent you brought with you, preparing food together by the fire, max. 10 women, no experience necessary, just a desire for a simple life with nature


Sat., June 24, 2023 - Connection

Sat., 9/16/23 - Liveliness

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each time

Location: Sonnenburg / Altranft near Bad Freienwalde


75€ including organic food, all three outdoor times booked as a total package: 195€ including organic food

Pick-up/drop-off service from/to Altranft possible


Groups up to a maximum of 10 people



Important information

Things to consider or bring with you when booking the offer: Weatherproof shoes, warm clothing in an “onion look”, preferably with wool, rainproof/repellent jacket, your own eating utensils including a cup, water bottle, notebook and pen

What's not allowed: Alcohol, cigarettes, pets, cell phone

Cancellation conditions: Cancellation possible up to 7 days in advance by email or telephone; if canceled later, the full costs must be borne


Meeting point: Altranft near Bad Freienwalde (Oder)

Contact details:

Lisa Wiese
Tel.: 0157-89574547

Lea Wortmann
Tel.: 0176-70939804

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