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We’re working hard to provide you with exciting Slow Trips Experiences

The transnational EU project Slow Trips focuses on sustainable travel off the beaten track. Nine LEADER project partners, representing distinct European regions, are involved in the project: Eastern Styria, Danube Upper Austria, Luxembourg, Valle Umbra e Sibillini, Southeastern Basilicata, Southwestern Basilicata, Märkische Seen, Nedre Dalälven and Alytaus rajono. Slow Trips Experiences are dedicated to bringing vacationers and locals together and creating real, authentic experiences of everyday life in the distinct European cultures represented in the project. To coordinate such a large number of participants and people, numerous project meetings take place, with a lively exchange between the partner regions. For example, this very website you’re looking at right now, including the booking tool, was first discussed at the transnational project meeting in Foligno, Umbria, Italy in October 2019 We’ve come a long way from conception to realisation, and we hope you’re enjoying the result!

Here are some more images from our project meeting in Umbria: