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in Pöllau near Hartberg

Get to know yourself in the pottery workshop with Sieglinde Hofbauer! Imagine you were a vessel: What shape would you be? What base would you have? Which rim? These questions are impulses for your journey of self-reflection. Immerse yourself in the world of ceramics and let Sieglinde assist you with your creative exploration.

  • Expertise in ceramics and coaching: Sieglinde is an experienced ceramicist and coach who will gently guide you on your creative journey.
  • Unique location: The pottery workshop is located in the middle of the market town Pöllau in a 250-year-old vault with an inspiring atmosphere as well as views of the former monastery in Pöllau and the pilgrimage church atop Pöllauberg.
  • Communal Lunch: Enjoy regional snacks lovingly prepared by the team of the farm shop in Pöllau in the shade of a walnut tree and take in your picturesque surroundings.
  • Conversation and philosophizing: For a deeper experience talk with Sieglinde about the art of pottery and how working with clay can depict our personality.
  • Local insider tips: As a dedicated inhabitant of Pöllau, Sieglinde is happy to share her personal sightseeing tips. She can also put you in touch with other ceramicists in the area.

Pottery from € 138,-

Further information

Are there certain requirements that the guest must meet?

  • No previous knowledge required: You don't need any prior pottery knowledge and you don't need to do any research about desired shapes beforehand. Sieglinde will gently assist you in creating a unique and personal vessel.

Should the guest bring something special to the experience?

  • Aprons are provided, nonetheless, wear something that can get dirty.

What exactly is included in the service?

  • 3 kilos of clay plus all colours and glazes
  • Use of the workshop including tools
  • Instructions by the qualified ceramicist Sieglinde
  • Creativity coaching
  • Lunch with regional products from the farm shop

What is not included in the service?

  • Firing 13 Euros/kilo (optional)
  • Packaging and dispatch (optional)

Number of participants per experience:

  • 1-8

Further important information for the guest (this information is also noted on the ticket)

  • for queries: +43 660 69 62 885

Specification of different ticket categories:

  • 2-4 participants 138 Euros/person
  • 5-8 participants 120 Euros/person
  • 1 participant: 180 Euros
  • All prices include the materials and lunch but exclude firing, packaging and dispatch.
  • The workshop is not suitable for children – for a special family offer please visit

Validity of tickets:

  • Can be booked all year round; duration: 3 hours in the morning, 1 ½ hours lunch break, 3 hours in the afternoon
Pottery from € 138,-


A warm welcome to a unique experience in Sieglinde Hofbauer's pottery workshop proTon Open Studio. Discover not only the world of clay art, but also gain a new perspective about yourself.

  • Discover yourself through creativity: Sieglinde invites you to playfully explore the question “What kind of vessel am I?”. Gain new insights into your personality through creative self-reflection and design.
  • Experienced Guidance: Sieglinde not only shares her expertise on pottery, but also her insights into how this art form reflects personality. She provides a space in which you can freely express your ideas.
  • Lively exchange: Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, exchange ideas with other participants, share your perceptions and insights and make a connection to real life - without any pressure, only if you want to.
  • Practical implementation without prior knowledge: You don't need any pottery knowledge beforehand. Sieglinde supports you every step of the way when designing your personal vessel, from the structure to the surface design.
  • Flexible firing process: If you wish, your work can be fired at the proTon Open Studio. You can either pick it up on site or have it conveniently dispatched to your home. Another option is to have your work fired at a different location. Sieglinde is happy to help with contacts.
  • Lunch with regional products from the farm shop: Enjoy lunch under a walnut tree, deep conversations with Sieglinde and other participants as well as the sight of the pilgrimage church Pöllauberg.


proTon Open Studio

  • address: Froschauergasse 134b, 8225 Pöllau

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